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Swathed in Stitch. Work on Your own Online Learning.


This class is available to those in the UK and outside of the EU. Please do not purchase this class if you are resident in the EU excluding the UK. (this is due to recent changes in EU tax laws)

Upon purchase you will receive an e mail containing a username and password to a Private blog where in excess of 80 instructional videos are hosted. Your access to that forum is permanent, forever.
You will not receive access to the private flickr group.


Swathed in Stitch is an online learning programme born from a desire to embroider and create, to fill my days with inspiration and inventiveness. This online creative experience will take the form of a very relaxed and gentle forum where creativity will occur using cloth, thread, paper, lace and embroidery. Those who have an affinity with handling cloth, working with cloth. We will embroider, I will discuss my plans, my inspiration and I will demonstrate the preparation and creation of embroidered cloth sharing technique and process throughout. I can guarantee that there will be embroidery, embellishment, manipulation of cloth. There will be pouches and pillows, there will be larger, considered works. I will share thoughts along with the more tangible sources which drive me. I will doodle, you will be encouraged to do the same.

Follow along with us as I record my personal, creative process. You will be given access to me, my day, my embroidery with demonstration, discussion and instruction throughout

Suitable for beginners and the more experienced.

Please respect my copyright. Do not share passwords with anyone. You are welcome to share work created from this course in any online forum, Facebook, Flickr, blogs etc but please do not share process, technique, instruction.

Please allow 24 hours from purchase to receipt of e mail containing passwords.