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Sampling for Stitch. Work on your own online learning.


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This class is available to those in the UK and outside of the EU. Please do not purchase this class if you are resident in the EU excluding the UK. (this is due to recent changes in EU tax laws)

Online format.... Private password protected blog.
Access.... Unlimited. Forever.

Materials required.... List sent upon registration.

This 12 week learning programme centres around sampling and planning for a collection of embroidered pieces such as pillows, pouches, needle books, wall panels and similar items. I do not actually create all of these items, rather I build a comprehensive ''library'' of samples, of information which would allow me to create these pieces at any time in the future. (the choice of finished item you create is entirely yours.)
Sampling consists of examining shape, pattern, colour, fabric, thread, edge finishes, fastening options and surface design and occupies a substantial segment of the programme enabling you to build a comprehensive library of inspiration and samples to take beyond this class and to work from for many years.
Reference to ''trend forecasting'' relating to stitched textiles is considered within this class. Trend forecasting is used in industry and commerce with regard to many things such as the car industry, food and beverage industry, literature and numerous other areas. My concern, as I have stated is limited to stitched textiles. Trend forecasting in this area focuses on prediction of colour, pattern, textures, fabrics and styles for the following season. For the purposes of this online programme I focus on how samples are created and presented for trend forecasting purposes, paying particular attention to how ''trend forecasting'' conclusions are presented in a physical, non digital manner. Think swatches, think mounted samples, think thread wraps, think button selections, fastening suggestions, all presented in a professional and easily readable format.
Pick and choose the process which suits you. Process learned here is transferable to all areas of stitch and can be utilised over and over. Permanent access (forever) allows you to observe at your own pace, to return whenever is convenient for you. I am ALWAYS available for guidance, questions and advice.

(images used here are of works completed during this course)

***you do not need to have participated in any of my previous online learning programmes in order to register for this course.***

No prerequisites. Suitable for the beginner and the more experienced stitcher.

Please allow 24 hours following registration for receipt of all information.

You will have personal email access to me for advice throughout this course.