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Image of *** extended*** Artist Books. 12 month subscription. Now included...extension until December 2018 Image of Ledgers. A record of stitch. Image of Soft rolled embroidered book
  • Image of 12 month stitch along
  • Image of 12 month stitch along
  • Image of 12 month stitch along
  • Image of 12 month stitch along
  • Image of 12 month stitch along

12 month stitch along


A live blog running from September 1 2018 through to September 1 2019.

78 GBP for the full 12 month course. No extras, no hidden charges.

I speak about my online classes and creative life in a podcast recorded recently with 'stitchery stories'. You can listen to that here.

Online format.... Private password protected blog.

No deadlines. No set tasks. Lifetime access to all resources.

Staged payments accepted. Please contact me for details.

This online learning programme is born from the success and popularity of previous 'fly on the wall' classes.

Join me for 12 months of creativity, a unique fly on the wall experience. Observe my process, my day to day, my working practice over a full year. Who knows what will crop up, what will inspire and develop over this programme. We begin with a blank page of time and fill that page, that time developing embroidered works on paper and fabric.
There may be artist books, there may be delicately embroidered laces along with decorative silk surfaces.
There will definitely be buttons, ribbons, sequins, beads and all manner of added titivation.

Posting once every fortnight I will demonstraste my working processes, discuss my ideas and inspirations and develop various piece of work which result from explorations demonstrated in class.

Group interaction will be facilitated within the forum of a private Flickr group where it will be possible to upload images and receive feedback and encouragement from the wider group along with input from me. There will also be the opportunity for wider discussion within the ''discussion'' area of that group. Interaction in this manner is however voluntary. There is no pressure on you to participate within this forum. If you prefer to work quietly, on your own that is encouraged too. My wish is for you to use this learning experience in the manner best suited to you, to learn in a way which makes you happy and furthers your individual creativity.

Please note, certain tasks within this programme require the use of a sewing machine.

Access.... Unlimited. Forever.

Materials required.... List sent upon registration.

***No prerequisites, suitable for beginners and the more experienced.***

Please allow 36 hours from registration to the receipt of a welcome email.