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Stitching stories.

Sold Out

Begins June 17 for 8 weeks.

Online format.... Private password protected blog.

No deadlines. No set tasks. Lifetime access to all resources.

No prerequisites.

Suitable for all skill levels.

**this online learning programme is not a repeat of my ''stitching a story'' programme.**

A return to playfulness, to stories, fairytales and imaginary tales. Join me as I enhance a story book with stitch, cloth, jewels and a sprinkling of imagination.

Work in a printed storybook or create your own magical daydream using blank pages and doodles.

Using playful imagery we will doodle pattern, enhancing our simple pencil lines with stitch and pretty additions in the form of cords, beads, sequins.....using simple pattern and image sources as our starting point we will be inspired to let our imagination run away with us, adding our own interpretation to an unfolding story.

Any 'doodling' will be basic. Please do not be afraid of this aspect of the course. I doodle in the simplest form.

Doodling on a blank page is not compulsory. You can choose to work exclusively in a printed story book.

Exploration and stitch work can take place in a childrens fairytale book, a blank sketchbook or both.

I will be enhancing a printed storybook with stitch, I will also be creating my own story in a blank sketchbook using pencil to doodle pattern.

On registration you will receive access to a short video where book choices are discussed.

Please allow 24 hours from registration to receipt of a welcome email listing suggested supplies for this class. (I am away from June 13 - 16. Registrations purchased during that period will receive the welcome mail on June 14)