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Sewing circle interactive.


Beginning Monday July 5th for twelve weeks, join me on this 'fly on the wall' embroidery journey, a circle of like minded women with a love of cloth and thread coming together for gentle sewing and supportive interaction.

Built into this twelve week programme, via Zoom are six live question and answer sessions and an opportunity for you to receive face to face feedback on embroidered works in progress.

(most recent model laptops have built in cameras and microphones as do iPads)

(These live sessions will consist of three set days with two sessions on those days to allow for time zone differences.)

You are welcome to join a specific session or both sessions if your day allows for this.

Live sessions will be as follows

Monday July 26. 10am and 7pm GMT
Monday August 23. 10am and 7pm GMT
Monday September 13. 10am and 7pm GMT

You do not need a Zoom account to access live sessions. Codes and or invitation links are sent via your email account.

Participation in the Zoom aspect of this course is not compulsory.

It is also possible to participate in a Zoom discussion without video i.e. with sound alone.

(If you are shy we don't need to see you on Zoom. If we can hear you it would be a delight on its own. This is a steep curve for me too and I am going to have to ensure my roots are in tip top condition)

During non Zoom weeks video will be provided on a private, password protected blog detailing and demonstrating process carried out in the day to day of my life as an embroiderer.

There will be embroidery on cloth, embroidery on paper, button making, edge adornment and much more.

Throughout my life as an embroidery teacher I have experienced the joy created when groups of women join together to share their creativity with needle and thread. Friendships are formed, bonds are created and the shared love of embroidery is spread far and wide.

Being a member of this sewing circle will allow for the learning of basic embroidery techniques for the beginner whilst providing an opportuntiy for the more experienced needlewoman to develop her own personal style.

Joining our circle of stitchers will give you access to a private image sharing and discussion forum where you can interact with other members of the group, be inspired by the work of others, share tips, suppliers and receive encouragement with regard to your stitching progress.

My wish is for you to use this learning experience in the manner best suited to you, to learn in a way which makes you happy and furthers your individual creativity.

There are no deadlines, no set tasks.

Access to all video resources is permanent, forever.

Suitable for the beginner and the more experienced embroiderer.

Places on this course are limited due to the demands of the live sessions.

Registrations are non refundable unless I have to cancel the course for any reason in which case monies will be refunded in full.

A list of suggested equipment and an email containing more information will be issued on June 21 st

A timetable for this programme is available to view at the foot of this link.