• Image of ***NEW*** Renewing the ledger
  • Image of ***NEW*** Renewing the ledger
  • Image of ***NEW*** Renewing the ledger
  • Image of ***NEW*** Renewing the ledger
  • Image of ***NEW*** Renewing the ledger

***NEW*** Renewing the ledger


Begins Monday February 8 for 12 weeks.

Suitable for the beginner and the more experienced creative.

Ledgers, sketchbooks, journals and design works have been integral to my creative life for almost twenty years.

Over time my knowledge and experience of creating these pieces has grown and developed.

During the course of this twelve week online learning programme I will look at past works and 'renew' them with fresh eyes, more experience and new process.

Without altering the actual physical historical ledger, I will use that ledger as a starting point for renewal, examining each page and recreating that work, refreshing those pages.

The basic design ideas presented in the original ledger will be preserved, my concern will focus on elevating that work with a new approach to documenting that information.

You do not need to have a completed sketchbook or ledger to participate in this class. Process demonstrated can be carried out using a collection of found images or a favourite illustrated book. I will provide guidance on those choices should you wish.

Techniques used and demonstrated in this online learning programme will include a selection of the following,

hand embroidery stitches,



paper manipulation,

paper embellishment,

pin pricking,


basic doodling.

There are no deadlines, no set tasks.

Video and images will be hosted on a private, password protected blog.

Access will be given to a private image sharing forum where discussion can be facilitated amongst group members and where I can view and appraise your works in progress.

Verbal, video feedback will be provided on works uploaded to our private image sharing group on a regular basis.

There are no compulsory requirements to my online learning programmes. If you prefer not to become involved in online discussion or image sharing that is O.K. My only wish for you is that you learn and have fun.

My online learning groups are a place of friendship amongst like minded people who share a love of cloth and thread.

Images here are details of the ledger I will be examining and renewing during this programme.

Please allow 24 hours from registration to receipt of a welcome mail detailing suggested supplies.