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Image of Embroidery School 2018 (work on your own) Image of Artist book explorations. Image of Private online embroidery tuition
  • Image of Artist books. Work on your own online learning.
  • Image of Artist books. Work on your own online learning.
  • Image of Artist books. Work on your own online learning.
  • Image of Artist books. Work on your own online learning.
  • Image of Artist books. Work on your own online learning.

Artist books. Work on your own online learning.


Artist books, work on your own online learning is a complete class which is no longer 'live' but which is available to you to work your way through at your liesure.
Signing up to this programme as a work on your own package allows you access to the complete course which comprises 133 videos and numerous text and image posts.

Access is permanent. There is no time limit.

I speak about my online classes and creative life in a podcast recorded recently with 'stitchery stories'. You can listen to that here.

Online format.... Private password protected blog.

This is not an ''art'' class as you may imagine, my books will be enhanced purely through the use of stitch.

In response to numerous requests and following on from the success of my last ''artist book'' online learning programme I created a 12 month online learning experience to which you will have unlimited access. Yes, one sign up, unlimited access...forever.

Join me whilst I fulfil a long held ambition, the creation of a large collection of hand created artist books, journals and ledgers comprising pages of stitch and collage using cloth, embroidered scraps, beads, buttons, lace, pattern and paper.
Your pages can be added to any book you wish, make your own ledger with fine paper, with hand made paper, with patterned paper or use a special sketchbook, maybe even a story book. These things will be discussed and considered during our programme of creativity.

***please note. I have only basic book making skills. This is not a book making class in terms of the creation of finely bound sketchbooks, journals or ledgers. My own books are basic and simple. I am happy for you to be more experimental and adventurous with your own books. I encourage the pushing of boundaries, the exploration of idea and thought.***

My role is to demonstrate the creation of collaged and textured sheets of paper, cloth and embroidery, to illustrate the creation of stitched scraps for pages and to then share how a page can be adorned in order to enhance the presentation of your sampling. This in turn will lead to the creation of unique ''artist books'', a library of ideas and inspiration and a valuable resource for the future in terms of design and the extension of embroidery sampling.

Images of my own ''Artist Books'' can be seen here. From viewing these images you will gain an appreciation of what can be achieved during this programme and beyond.

Please note, certain tasks within this programme require the use of a sewing machine.

Access.... Unlimited. Forever.

Materials required.... List sent upon registration.

***No prerequisites, suitable for beginners and the more experienced.***

You do not need to have participated in any of my previous online learning programmes to take part in this class.

Please allow 24 hours from registration to receipt of email detailing suggested supplies.