• Image of An embroiderers cloth. Online learning.
  • Image of An embroiderers cloth. Online learning.
  • Image of An embroiderers cloth. Online learning.
  • Image of An embroiderers cloth. Online learning.

An embroiderers cloth. Online learning.


An embroiderers cloth, a wrapping cloth for an embroiderer.

Begins Monday May 25 for 8 weeks.

My love of wrapping cloths is well documented as is my love of embroidery, the passing of needle and thread through cloth, handling soft fabrics, embellishing pieced lace, cotton and fine textiles.

An embroiderers cloth is just that, a wrapping cloth for an embroiderer, a beautifully adorned piece of hand embroidery which also holds the most basic of needlework tools.

This wrapping cloth will be present in your day to day, not folded and placed 'somewhere safe'. This will be your 'go to' when you wish to sit and embroider. Not only functional this piece will also be a beautiful example and reminder of your own hand work. It's time to create something special for 'you'.

Beginning on Monday May 26th for 8 weeks you will be part of a virtual 'sewing bee', a group of like minded individuals with a love of needle and thread, a gathering.

Initially we will piece fabrics, adding snippets of lace, ribbon and vintage scraps before identifying little spaces on cloth which will hold our needles, pins, buttons, scissors and other embroidery related tools.

We will adorn these surfaces using hand embroidery stitches and techniques., there may be pockets and patchwork, our cloth pieces will be a blank canvas for embellishment.

Suitable for beginners and the more experienced embroiderer, full instruction and support will be provided every step of the way.

Included in this online learning programme is access to a private image sharing group where feedback and encouragement will be provided as we progress through our 8 weeks. Within that group is an option for group discussion which I actively encourage.
Previous groups have provided exceptional peer support and encouragement which has proved invaluable to those involved.

My wish for you throughout this programme is simple....pleasure and enjoyment.

Online format. Watch demonstrations at your leisure.

Lifetime access to all resources.

No deadlines. No set tasks.

Images here show details of my personal 'embroideres cloth' in progress.

Please allow 24 hours from registration to receipt of a welcome email which will detail suggested supplies.