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  • Image of Embroidery School 2018
  • Image of Embroidery School 2018
  • Image of Embroidery School 2018
  • Image of Embroidery School 2018
  • Image of Embroidery School 2018

Embroidery School 2018


Begins Monday January 15 for 12 weeks.

Online format.... Private password protected blog.

One video post per week. (minimum one hour of video.)

Email access to me for advice and guidance throughout.

Access.... Unlimited. Forever.

Materials required.... List sent upon registration.

Embroidery school 2018.... an online learning programme, hand stitch at it's purest.

2018 will be the year of my ''stitch ledger'', the development of a resource centred on the hand embroidery stitch.

A stitch
''a loop of thread or yarn resulting from a single pass or movement of the needle in sewing''

Be a fly on my wall whilst I develop my stitch ledger along with other works resulting from spontaneous inspiration. Observe my creative process, learn from my successes and my mistakes as I sample, as I construct embroidered surfaces from patches of cloth, snippets of hankies and decorative trims along with other found cloth both new and vintage. Witness the development of paper based works for use in design sheets and ledgers, in sketchbooks. Create what I create or embroider your own pieces whilst observing and learning from my creativity.

This online creative experience will take the form of a very relaxed and gentle gathering of cloth and embroidery, those who have an affinity with handling cloth, working with cloth. I will discuss my plans, my inspiration, the preparation and creation of embroidered cloth. I will demonstrate technique and process throughout. I can guarantee that there will be embroidery, embellishment and the manipulation of cloth. I will share my thoughts along with the more tangible sources which drive me.

***No prerequisites, suitable for beginners and the more experienced.***

You do not need to have participated in any of my previous online learning programmes to take part in ''Embroidery School 2018''.

Includes membership of a private online Flickr forum.

Please allow 24 hours from purchase to receipt of welcome e mail and a list of suggested equipment.

(images used here are for illustrative purposes only.)